Afghanistan Enduring Freedom Ornament

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Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom Gift Ornament

Check our unique christmas ornaments section for great political gifts like the political ornament listed on this page. We specialize in remembrance¬†ornaments for the republican and democrat political parties. Our ornaments have been featured in TIME Magazine and can be used as gifts¬†for federal employees, political gag gifts, republican and democrat conventions, and more…
operation enduring freedom political gift

Political Gifts:
Operation Enduring Freedom
Political Christmas Ornament $29.99

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Gift Box Included.

gift box

usa flag

We Will Not Fail
–George W. Bush
Political Gifts:

This makes a nice unusual gift for a Republican or a Democrat.Operation Enduring Freedom handmade hollow egg ornament includes:

Side 1

  • President George W. Bush
  • Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld
  • Secretary of State Colin Powel
  • 2001
  • We Shall Prevail

Side 2

  • American Flag with proud fist of strength
  • Operation Enduring Freedom banner
  • Pride in America
  • Statue of Liberty
  • Red White and Blue ribbon
  • Wreath with Yellow “come home safe” ribbon
  • Candle

We show 2 political gift ornaments below so you can see different views.
**String color, bead color and exact positions of images may vary**
political gift
political gift