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You may be looking for ballet gifts for a special ballet recital or just your favorite ballerina. Our ballet gifts will be treasured over time. We have one ballet dance gift for the beginning or younger ballerina and the second is a ballet gift to treasure over time.
Starting Ballet
Buy: Starting Ballet Book

about 8x9 inches; 32 pages

Ballet Instruction Books: An inspiring and practical ballet guide for young dancers, this book covers everything beginners want to know about ballet and helps them to try out their first steps. Exciting photographs of professional dancers combined with helpful step-by-step dance illustrations and clearly written text make this an engaging first book which will truly inspire. The dance book's step-by-step explanations and helpful pictures make it easy for ballet beginners to acquire all the necessary skills and to have fun improving their ballet technique. This book is also a nice gift for a ballet dancer.

Usborne Beginner Ballet Usborne Beginner Ballet Usborne Beginner Ballet
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Softcover Ballet Book
about 8x9 inches; 112 pages, age 10 and up

Meet Poppy, Jasmine and Rose, three very different girls with one thing in common - they love, love, love ballet! Follow the troubles and triumphs of the three aspiring ballerinas as they work hard to achieve their dreams, and the friendship and humor that helps them through. Stories include: Poppy's Secret Wish Jasmine's Lucky Star Rose's Big Decision

Usborne Beginner Ballet
Starting Ballet Books - OUT OF STOCK
about 6x8 inches; 32 pages

Ballet Instruction Books: How do ballet dancers balance on the tips of their toes? Why do they wear tutus? What happens in a ballet class? In this book you'll find the answers and lots more about the magical world of ballet.

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