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not my dinosaur books That's Not My Dinosaur

about 10 X 10 inches; 22 pages, Hardcover
That's Not My Dinosaur
This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children. Kids proceed through the textures in the book reading "That's not my dinosaur, his feet are too..." until the end when it is their dinosaur! The bright pictures, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the feely patches. As toddlers grow they may eventually memorize text and begin to recognize simple words if you use your finger and point as you read.

Dinosaurs-Lift-the-flap dinosaur books lift the flap Dinosaur Lift the Flap Book
about 10 X 10 inches; 15 pages, Hardcover

Dinosaurs Lift the Flap Book
One of our more popular dinosaur books! Long ago, amazing dinosaurs roamed the Earth. There were gentle ones as big as houses, and fierce ones as small as chickens. Lift the flaps to find out how these extraordinary creatures lived, and what their world was like. The flaps in this book are attached with 1/2 inch tabs for extra durability. Besides the flaps, there are some "bubble thoughts" around the dinosaurs that kids can read similar to cartoons in a news paper. Each page has at least one flap and many dinosaur facts.

Customers & Kids Say:

He finally reached for books! Aug, 2005
Reviewer from: San Antonio, TX
It was this book that finally interested my seven year old son in reading. He carries it around with him all the time, lifting the flaps and telling me how cute the dinosaurs are. I looked for a long time trying many books to spur an interest in reading and this one finally did the trick!

dinosaurs books internet Dinosaur Internet Linked
about 10. X 8 inches; 60 pages

Child Dinosaur Books: Dinosaurs Internet Linked
Using the latest theories and most recent discoveries, this book brings to life the exciting world of dinosaurs. Dramatic artwork and photographs of realistic models show what dinosaurs were like, how they lived,a nd why and how they all died out. Lively step-by-step illustrations explain how they hunted, fed and cared for their young.
This book is great even starting as young as age 3 because a toddler can say, "cool dinosaur", then as boys and girls begin to read, they can read the details of the book. And later, when they need to do a school report, parents once again get full use of the book through the internet links. There are internet links to child friendly sites (that the publisher keeps up to date) and you can read so much more about dinosaurs. There is plenty of information for a school report!

The Great Dinosaur Search
great dinosaur books The Great Dinosaur Search
about 12 X 9 inches;32 pages, softcover

Child Dinosaur Books: Great Dinosaur Search
The Great Dinosaur Search is full of the most fascinating facts about the amazing creatures that inhabited the Earth many millions of years ago. But this is so much more than just a dinosaur kid book. With around a hundred prehistoric animals and plants to spot on every double-page, get ready for hours of serious fun. Find ferocious Tyrannosaurus in a tangled Jurassic forest, and spot packs of deadly Velociraptors hunting their prey across sandy plains. You won't want to stop searching until you've found them all. Of all our dinosaur books, this one is the only one combining facts and puzzles to keep children both reading and thinking about what is on the page.

dinosaur books The Dinosaur
about 10 X 10 inches; 22 pages

Child Dinosaur Books: The Dinosaur
Looked at many dinosaur books and can't find a great story? Try this one! Have you ever wondered what real live dinosaurs were like? Once, long, long ago, at the edge of a huge forest, a baby stegosaurus hatched out of an egg. Follow his adventures as he grows up and begins to explore the big wide world. This is a wonderful dinosaur kid book opening with "Nobody has ever seen a real live dinosaur..." to immediately spur kids imagination. With cute bright pictures kids follow the baby stegasaurus as he grows and learns about the world around him (meeting a troublesome allosaurus) and learning that he has become big enough to care for himself. The book closes with the modern world and how it would be if dinosaurs were in it today. Great educational dinosaur book for kids to learn about dinosaurs, independence (growing up) and spur their imagination to think about what they are reading (begin reading comprehension).

dinosaur who lost his roar book The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar - OUT OF STOCK
about 10 X 10 inches; 22 pages

Child Dinosaur Books: The Dinosaur Who Lost His Roar

Sid enjoys scaring the other dinosaurs with his mighty roar. They don't find it so funny. But what would happen if Sid ever lost his voice? He's about to find out.

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