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You will be amazed at all the adorable fairy craft ideas in our books below. What is most unusual about the selection of books is there is very little you might need to purchase. Most of the great fairy craft ideas include objects that you already have at your home or school. We also include some mermaid books and pirates crafts for kids -- just to spice it up a bit!
Fairy Crafts:
fairy crafts to stitch and sew Fairy Crafts to Stitch and Sew

This enchanting book is teeming with delightful great fairy craft ideas to sew. Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to make pictures, pretty little bags, a tooth fairy purse, fairy pillows and lots more. Even if you've never sewn anything before, you'll be able to follow the instructions for lots of great fairy craft ideas - sewing different stitches, and attaching sparkling sequins and shimmering beads. Included are these great fairy craft ideas:

  • flying fairies
  • fairyland garden
  • hanging hearts
  • fairy cake collage
  • heart and fairy collage
  • pretty little bags
  • fairy friends picture
  • flower cards
  • tooth fairy purses
  • sparkly wand picture
  • dancing fairy collage
  • butterfly strings
  • fairy pillows
  • pretty rainbow
  • how to do the stitches Simple instructions on sewing.
  • buttons and sequins How to sew buttons and sequins.

Fairy Crafts: Christmas Fairy Things to Make and Do Christmas Fairy Things to Make and Do

You might assume this is the same as the Fairy Things to Make and Do above but the activities are quite different. I often have teachers purchase both books! In this enchanting book, you'll discover lots of magical fairy craft ideas to make in the weeks leading up to Christmas. You can make a dazzling crown, a star wand and glittering fairy wings, then transform your home into a Christmas fairyland with lots of glittery decorations. You'll also find inspiring ideas for delightful fairy Christmas cards.

The simple steps are clearly illustrated and easy to follow, and there are shiny silver stickers in the middle pages for decorating all the fairy things you've made.

mermaid things to make and do Mermaid Things to Make and Do - OUT OF STOCK

Dive into the enchanting underwater world of mermaids in this delightful activity book. By following the simple steps, you can create lots of magical mermaid accessories such as a pretty shell purse, a coral necklace, a twinkly tiara and a glittery mirror. You'll also discover how to make a tissue paper coral garden, a dangly octopus mobile, mermaids with sparkly tails and lots more. This book also contains over 200 shiny blue stickers to add extra shimmer to everything you make.

Mermaid craft ideas!
Included in this book are:

  • Mermaid Paperchain
  • Octopus Mobile
  • Pretty Shell Purse
  • Sitting Mermaids
  • Striped Fish Chains
  • Underwater Palace
  • Coral Necklace
  • Watery Bookmark Stickers
  • Sea Horse Pencil Top
  • Handprinted Mermaid
  • Mermaid Mirror
  • Mermaid pop-up card
  • Coral Garden
  • Sparkly Mermaids
  • Twinkly Tiaras
  • Whale Riding
  • Stencilled Shell Paper

Fairy Crafts: Fairytale Things to Make and Do
Fairytale Things to Make and Do Fairytale Things to Make and Do - OUT OF STOCK

Enter the wonderful world of fairytales in this enchanting book. Follow the simple steps to create a cast of fairytale characters such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood and even your very own Frog Prince. You can also discover how to make a magic fairy wand and a fairytale princess tiara.


how to draw fairies and mermaids How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids - OUT OF STOCK

These imaginative great fairy craft ideas use simple methods and easy-to-follow directions. The book includes a wide variety of projects for cards, wrapping paper, decorations and presents, and much, much more. Stickers add even more fun to the fairy crafts!

Fairy Crafts: How to Draw Fairies and Mermaids - Customer Comments:

Hours of busy time for my daugters and my son! May, 2005
Reviewer from: San Antonio, TX

This book arrived and my three children argued over who would use it first! (And this includes my 7 year old son by the way!) The favorite section for all three was the flying fairies where you draw with an ink pen or thin point marker and then can color in with water color paints. My 11 year old daughter spent hours meticulously drawing her fairies using the books tips for facial expressions and my son began to pay attention to small details. I highly recommend this book for those interested in art and who have children who are imaginitive!

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