Dinosaur Activities

Kid Dinosaur Activities

Use our dinosaur books along with lesson plans or just within your family. As children read dinosaur books and participate in dinosaur activities, they will learn about the wonders of the sea, the animal and plant life, environmental issues, etc. and retain more information while having fun. You will be amazed at the results!

These dinosaur books are perfect for parents, teachers, home educators, day care providers, grandparents... anybody looking for a fun way to keep teaching preschool and elementary age children about dinosaurs!

Fill each day of the week with dinosaur activities to help make learning fun. Your dinosaur lesson plans could range from journaling (draw pictures if not writing yet), to experiments, to using the internet to learn more to simple dinosaur crafts! Who knew learning about dinosaurs could be so much fun!

Skill set ideas:

  • Self-expression and intrapersonal skills
  • Visual spatial skills
  • Following directions
  • Sequencing
  • Environmental awareness
  • Zoology
  • Math skills including:

dinosaur coloring book Buy: Dinosaur Coloring Book
about 9 X 12 inches; 32 pages

This exciting book is full of action-packed prehistoric scenes to color. There are also simple step-by-step instructions for drawing dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures.


stencil kid dinosaur activities book Buy: Dinosaur Stencil Book
about 9 X 12 inches; 14 pages with 6 stencils

Kid Dinosaur Activities: Let's begin drawing! Kids need more art in their lives so why not combine art with their love of dinosaurs! This kid dinosaur activities book contains 13 stencils to help kids draw all kinds of dinosaurs. It is also a fun first introduction to these amazing prehistoric creatures with huge double spread pages of bright dinosaur pictures. Children will learn significant facts: "A Parasaurolophus blows air into his big head crest to make a honking sound." Each stencil goes back in the book for safe keeping.

dinosaur books dot to to dot Buy: Dinosaur Dot to Dot
about 9 X 12 inches; 32 pages

Kid Dinosaur Activities: Let's begin with dot to dot for younger kid dinosaur activities. This activity book is both entertaining and educational. Beginning pages have dot to dot images ranging from numbers 1 to 10 and 1 to 50. There are several dot to dot kid dinosaur activities on each page. At the bottom of the page is educational text. For example: "Join the blue dots to see one of the first animals." Designed to be used with adult guidance (the end of the book has numbers up to 80), this kid dinosaur activities book will provide young children with hours of fun, while encouraging the aquisition of number skills and helping improve pencil control.

draw dinosaurs activity book Buy: Dinosaur Coloring Book
Colored pencils, a pair of scissors and lots of imagination will turn these pages into the best, most ferocious dinosaurs ever! Look out!

Drawing Dinosaurs contains: 3 pages of hints and tips to help you draw your best dinosaurs, 4 sheets of stickers to decorate your drawings, 13 pages of paper "dinosaur skin" to help you create lifelike dinosaurs, 3 dinosaur stencils, 28 pages of dinosaurs to color and decorate and 6 pages of dinosaur facts and information.


The Great Dinosaur Search great search - kid dinosaur activities Buy: Great Dinosaur Search Book
about 8.5 X 9 inches; 32 pages

Kid Dinosaur Activities: This is a great search book with both dinosaurs and prehistoric animals to spot along with facts about each. Find ferocious Tyrannosaurus in a tangled Jurassic forest, and spot packs of deadly Velociraptors hunting their prey across sandy plains. You won't want to stop searching until you've found them all. The Great Dinosaur Search is full of the most fascinating facts about the amazing creatures that inhabited the Earth many millions of years ago. But this is so much more than just a book about dinosaurs. With around a hundred prehistoric animals and plants to spot on every double-page, get ready for hours of serious fun.

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