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Science Experiments
Big Book of Science Experiments

Children can investigate the world around them and discover science in action. Specially chosen activities include making electricity, bending light and weather watching. Helpful descriptions, clearly written text and explanations show how and why the experiments work. Striking artwork and photographs illustrate all projects with clarity.
about 9x12 inches; 96 pages, Softcover

illustrated dictionary of science Illustrated Dictionary of Science

This great study aid has topics arranged thematically so that words are explained in context, with a fully integrated system of cross-referencing plus a comprehensive index.


Science Experiments Internet Linked Book of Knowledge - OUT OF STOCK

This incredible reference book is crammed with just about every fact you will ever want to know, including information about science and technology, the Earth's structure and landscapes, the human body, plants and animals and much, much more. It also contains: Timelines with key dates in world history. Maps, flags and facts about all the countries of the world. World records. Star charts and space facts.
about 8x10 inches; 208 pages, Hardcover with dust jacket

Ideas for Science Unit Study

  • Week 1: Building blocks of You
  • Week 2: Skeletal System & Joints
  • Week 3: Muscular System
  • Week 4: Circulatory System
  • Week 5: Digestive System
  • Week 6: Respiratory System
  • Week 7: Nervous System
  • Week 8: What are Genes?
  • Week 9: Genetics
  • Week 10: Health & Medicine
Skill set:
  • Science/biology
  • Health & fitness
  • Nutrition
  • Following directioins
  • Sequencing
  • Process of discovery
  • Self-expression & intrapersonal skills

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