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Child Shark Books: Shark in the Park shark in the park Shark in the Park

Created in consultation with a language expert, this book is part of an engaging new phonics-based series, especially written to help boys and girls learn to read. Not only is the story great fun, it also takes into account recent research on the most effective ways of teaching reading. Stephen Cartwright's delightful illustrations complement the text and are designed to stimulate further interest. Fold out shark pages add to the enjoyment.

great under sea search
The Great Undersea Search

From giant octopuses and great white sharks, to deep sea divers and treasure troves, there are aroung 100 things to spot on every double page of this book. Each beautifully illustrated puzzle picture shows a different underwater scene, including the magical world of the coral reef, the spooky ocean depths, a sunken pirate ship and many more. This book provides countless hours of puzzle-solving fun, and is full of fascinating facts about life under the oceans.

child shark book flap Sharks Lift-the-Flap Book

Sharks aren't just scary fish with pointy teeth. Lift the flaps in this richly illustrated book to meet gentle giants, fierce hunters, beady-eyed baby sharks and the weird, weedy wobbegong.

puzzle ocean
Puzzle Ocean

It all begins with a message in a bottle! Join Rosie in an amazing underwater journey with friendly dolphins and scary sharks. This lively story, linked with lots of fun and challenging picture puzzles, is packed full of extra things to spot along the way - making it one to enjoy again and again.

sharks book Sharks Internet Linked Book

Boys and girls will find sharks of all different shapes and sizes, some as small as your hand, others bigger than buses. Find out what drives them into feeding frenzies, how sharks look when they are about to attack, and how sharks can "feel" fish swimming nearby. Dramatic underwater photography brings boys and girls face to face with these incredible creatures, while lively illustrations provide an insight into their habits. This book is great even starting as young as age 3 because a toddler can say, "cool shark", then as boys and girls begin to read, they can read the details of the book. And later, when they need to do a school report, parents once again get full use of the book through the internet links. There are internet links to child friendly sites (that the publisher keeps up to date) and you can read so much more about sharks. There is plenty of information for a school report!

seas oceans sticker book Seas and Oceans Sticker Atlas - Out of Stock

Open this book to find maps of all the world's oceans and over 200 stickers of the animals and plants that live in them. By completing each map with its stickers you can see what lives where. There are also amazing facts and records about the biggest, smallest, fastest, slowest, deepest and most poisonous creatures in the sea.

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