Vehicle Business Card Holder

Vehicle Business Card Holders

Business Card Holder for Vehicle

Almost evey business class discusses passive income in one manner or another. Passive income is income you receive when you are not actually involved. You are not actively working in place to create the income. This is what makes many people rich. One can consider their savings account a venue for passive income since it is earning interest when the owner is actually not participating in any particular activity. Whether the owner gets out of bed each day or not, the account makes money.

All business owners should be applying this idea to their business. That is what the vehicle business card holder aims to do. The vehicle business card holder will bring you income whether you get out of bed or not (assuming your car is not hidden in your garage).

Vehicle business card holders are not all made the same. Ours has been used throughout the country since 2000 and is proven to work. There are no broken springs, no flimsy covers, and no chance it will fall off your car.

"The average service vehicle makes 16 MILLION visual impressions in a single year."*
*Source: Independent study by the American Trucking Association

window vehicle business card holder vehicle business card window sticker Vehicle Business Card Holder for vehicle Window:

  • Two Take One Stickers size 3.5 x 3 inches included
  • Two weather resistant boxes included are mounted to the vehicle window
  • The vehicle business card holder separates from it's base for the car wash
  • Heavy duty 3M adhesive strips ensure a strong bond
  • Locking cover keeps rain out of box
  • Packages in sets of 2 - two holders for $29.90
vehicle business card holder
Other Uses: Vehicle Business Card Holder
Vehicle Business Card Holder for Window
- Set of 2

Car Business Card Holder SAVINGS

The Vehicle Window Business card Holder-- Never miss a sale!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Vehicle Business Card Holder

  1. What holds the vehicle business card holder in place?
    The packet comes with 3M adhesive strips which hold the mounting piece on the car. Once the vehicle business card holder mounting piece is in place, the box easily slides vertically onto the vehicle mount.

  2. Are the "Take One" stickers included when I purchase the vehicle business card holder?
    Yes, you will receive 2 stickers, one for each vehicle business card holder.

  3. Where is the best place to put the vehicle business card holder on my car for sales?
    First choice is usually the rear of your car. The second most popular location for the vehicle business card holders is the passenger side rear window. At this location, when you are parked, the driver of the car next to you is "forced" to see your box when approaching his vehicle.

  4. Will this damage my vehicle?
    Rest assured that these have been well tested and proven to have no harm to your vehicle. The vehicle business card holder adhesive strips can easily be removed from your vehicle's surface.

  5. I have used these for years but now I have a new car and want to move the vehicle business card holder to the new car. Where can I get new strips and stickers?
    Please contact us.
Vehicle Business Card Holder - Customer Comments:

I have ordered the Vehicle Business Card Holder in the past and love it! ,
Reviewer: Customer from Revere, MA , Feb, 2007
People that see it think it's an innovative and great way to get your name out there.

Promoting at Red Lights! ,
Reviewer: Customer from AL, Mar, 2004
My car has been stopped at a red light and the driver behind me got out of his car to take a card from the vehicle business card box!


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