Wall Business Card Holder

Wall Mounted Business Card Holder

Business Card Holder for Wall

Originally designed for cars, customers keep coming up with new ways to use our business card holder.

automobile car window sticker Check out how customers are using our business card holder for wall surfaces 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

  1. OUTDOOR Business Card Holders:
    Mount one outdoors! Because they are covered the business card box (your business cards) will be well protected from rain.

    • Yard Sign Advertising Business Card Holder: Do you advertise on yard signs? Attach the wall mounted business card holder to your sign.
    • Real Estate Advertising Business Card Holder You've seen holders that display flyers, why not add our wall business card holder to your For Sale sign!
    • Contractor Signs!
    • Car Conventions Business Card Holder Showing off your car or your car specialty (such as detailing) at a convention? Looking for a place to offer customers information without placing flyers under windshield wipers? Use our business card holder = problem solved!
    • Fairs: Attach our business card holder to your advertising sign at fairs. Connect with customers who do not want to carry items now but wish to buy later.

  2. INDOOR Business Card Holders:
    Does your office share a suite with other offices? A wall mounted business card holder outside your door catches potential customers passing by in the hallway! Do you work part time hours? Leave a wall mounted business card holder outside your door so customers do not have to search for a pen.

  3. COUPON Business Card Holder!
    Have you thought of printing coupons on your business cards and leaving those in the box?

  4. Have another idea for our Business Card Holder for Wall (vertical surfaces)? Please let us know~

Get Noticed - Get the Calls

No more customers who can't remember your name, can't remember the phone number decaled on your car -
Now customers can find you! wall business card holder

car business card holder window sticker We sell two business card holders together to give you flexibility and ensure you never miss a sale.

Wall Business Card Holder
- Set of 2 $29.90

Car Business Card Holder SAVINGS

Business Card Holder for Walls Information

  • Two Take One Stickers size 3.5 x 3 inches included
  • Two weather resistant boxes included are mounted to the car window or wall (vertical surface)
  • The car business card holder separates from it's base for the car wash
  • Heavy duty 3M adhesive strips ensure a strong bond
  • Locking cover keeps rain out of box
  • Packages in sets of 2 - two holders for $29.90

For answers to frequently asked questions see our Vehicle Business Card Questions

business card holder for wall

wall business card holder


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