Eastwood Middle School

Eastwood Middle School Christmas Ornament

Eastwood Middle school ornament
Eastwood Middle School Christmas Ornament
Literacy Price, donates $1.00 in educational books to charity

Gift Box Included.

Gift Box

american flag Eastwood Middle School
Christmas Ornament
Eastwood Middle School Ornament

The metalic thread and beads add a christmas touch. Very light weight, handmade hollow egg ornament!

If you are wondering.... Yes, these are made from real eggs that the yolk is blown out and then they are decorated for the school.

Sample hand-made ornament: Bead colors, string and exact positions of images may vary slightly. Eastwood Middle School ornament Eastwood Middle School ornament side 2

The Eastwood Middle School Christmas ornament includes:
  • Side 1: Image of Eastwood Middle School
    "Where Learning Soars".

  • Side 2:

    Eastwood school emblem surrounded by each grade's teams:

    • 8th grade:
      Blue Stars and Gold Stars
    • 7th grade:
      Laureates (wreath) and Challengers (light bulb cartoon)
    • 6th grade:
      Explorers (globe) and Olympians (olympic symbol)

Plus one this:

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