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Space Gift - Celebrate NASA

Challenger and Columbia Space Shuttle Ornament

space center gift box

space center gift ornament

Celebrate Space Center Gift
Challenger and Columbia Shuttle
Christmas Ornament

Gift Box Included.
US Flag "Remember But Continue"

Recognizing the contributions of others in our quest to

  • increase knowledge and
  • explore the principles of science.

The Celebrate Space handmade hollow egg space center gift ornament includes:

Side 1

  • Words "Exploring the Unknown"
  • Nasa Patch
  • Words "In Pursuit of Knowledge"
  • NOT SHOWN - on the sides - a space shuttle and an astronaut

Side 2

  • Planet earth with "Remember But Continue"
  • Florida with "Challenger Jan 28, 1986"
  • Texas with "Columbia Feb 1, 2003"

We show 2 space center gift ornaments views below so you can see different sides.
**String color, bead color and exact positions of images may vary** space center gift space gift

This ornament was created after we moved to Texas, arriving right after the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster. We had already been making memorial type ornaments so we added this space center gift ornament as well to recognize the efforts of the space centers, space shuttles and the sacrifices of the crew. The ornament is a simple design with both missions: Challenger and Columbia and the date each was lost. It aslo recognizes the states where the centers operate by having the shape of Florida for the Kennedy Space Center and Texas for the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

The ornament itself is a hollow egg, just like the ones you crack open for breakfast. We have blown the yolk out, created decals, applied the decals along with clear coat spray to create this unique space center gift ornament.

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