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Bunny Towel

Handmade High Quality 100% cotton terrycloth kids hooded towels!

Kids hooded towels are becoming very popular gifts. We have made our kids hooded towels since 1999 and our selection keeps growing. If our Bunny Rabbit Towel is not your fancy, then check our other categories of hooded towels below.

Our kids hooded towels are made from a really thick premium quality adult towel for lasting comfort!

With four colors to choose from, consider using our Hooded Towels for Kids in every way: bunny rabbit hooded towels kids

  • bunny bath towel
  • bunny beach towel
  • bunny pool towel
  • bunnyboat towel
  • bunny towel baby shower gift
  • Easter Bunny towel

Kids Hooded Bunny Towel:

Small 24" x 24"

This size bunny towel is recommended for infant babies from birth up to 18 months old

Small PINK Bunny Kids Hooded Towel $39.99

Bunny Rabbit Kids Hooded Towel:

Large 27" x 52"

bunny rabbit kids hooded towel PINK Kids Hooded Bunny Towel: This size bunny rabbit towel is recommended for toddlers (walking children) and older kids. However, the bunny towel itself is an adult size bath towel, so there is plenty of towel to dry off on. We have had life guards purchase them for fun to use at the beach or pool!

Large PINK Bunny Kids Hooded Towel $39.99

bunny rabbit kids hooded towel

More Hooded Towels Kids

Kids Hooded Yellow Bunny, White Bunny or Blue Bunny Towel

We also offer our kids bunny rabbit hooded towels as a special order in yellow, white, or blue. The blue bunny towel is especially popular for boys or perhaps you just need that color to match your bathroom decor. Take a look at these adorable bunnies!

24" x 24" Small Kids Hooded Towel $39.99
Usually Ships in 3 business days

27" x 52" Large Kids Hooded Towel $39.99
Usually Ships in 3 business days


Or - Choose a different
Hooded Towel

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Terry Hooded Towel

Bumble Bee

dinosaur towel
Hooded Beach Towel


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Hooded Toddler Bath Towel

Alligator - Crocodile

hooded bath towel
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Cow Towel

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Kid Hooded Towel

Bunny Towel

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Shark Hooded Towel

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Baby Hooded Towel


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toddler hooded towel toddler hooded towel toddler hooded towel saphira dragon towel
Toddler Hooded Towel
- Green or Lavender or Blue Dragon Towels with Spikes!
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