Potty Training Book

Caillou Potty Training Book

Fun Caillou potty training book

 Caillou Potty Time
Caillou Potty Time

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Caillou Potty Time by Joceline Sanschagrin

A gender neutral book which focuses on emotions that your child may feel during training. (similar to the emotional themes carried by the TV show)

Gotta GO

Cute potty training book

Uh Oh! Gotta Go!
Uh Oh! Gotta Go!

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Uh Oh! Gotta Go!

by Bob McGrath (of Sesame St.)

Read this while your child sits on the potty. Discuss everything… There is a page using the potty as a drum: ask, “Do we do that?”, a page singing – “Can you sing a song while sitting?” Make the book INTERACTIVE! The book goes through steps: purchasing a potty, teaching animals (demonstration), visting with your potty, and wearing underwear.

Pop up Potty Training Book

Pop up – out potty training book

What do you do with a potty?
What do you do with a potty?

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What Do You Do With A Potty?

by Marianne Borgardt, Maxie Chambliss (Illustrator)

With any pop up book you will need supervision to have it last but the key in Potty Training is you will not need many books, just a few to create interest and make the conection in the child’s mind. This book does that. The cute pop-ups will have your child focused and if read on the potty, hopefully will allow for a little more sitting time!

Best Potty Training Book

Baby’s Potty – Potty Book for Boy or Girl

Baby’s Potty is the best potty book to stimulate interest in potty training.

See how the baby fits into each scene in this simple story and turn the picture over for a satisfying surprise at the end.

best potty training book

Board Book with puzzle piece attached – see image below

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Best Potty Training Book – Holds Child’s Attention!

What makes this the best potty book? This book has a baby attached to the spine with a nice thick red ribbon for durability. This book will work great for a
“potty book” to encourage your child to sit on the potty a little longer. We suggest keeping this book only in the bathroom and let your child read it
only while sitting on the potty! You have to be disciplined for this to work this way. But if you are a parent who can’t help but give in,
that is ok too, you can still read the book on the potty, before bed, during the day… whenever your child likes.

A big plus of this book is you will also be teaching dexterity to those little fingers and introducing the “puzzle” concept as well by teaching your child that the
piece fits in the slot. And your child will learn very fast that on the last page, you turn the piece the opposite way, revealing a new image of the baby holding toilet paper!

best potty training book

Your child can take the baby on the ribbon and place it in the slot. (Repeat the procedure on each page of our best potty book!)

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does a pig flush
Does a pig flush?

This book has very cute drawings of all sorts of animals.

Each animal is asked if they flush and responds with their answer.

It then moves into very adorable drawings of humans, using the potty. We highly recommend this book!

truth about poop
The Truth About Poop.

This book has a lot of writing text in it for a toddler but as your child learns more, I am sure it will be great fun for little boys and girls too