Potty Training Calendar

Potty Training Calendar

Toilet Training Calendar for Boy or Girl

Personalize and Customize a Calendar for Potty Training

Now Potty Training Can Be Fun!

MOM Designed / CHILD Approved !

A 12 month potty calendar. You choose what month it starts. For example: it could be September though August. Use the remarks section to specify when checking out. If no start month is specified we use January.


8 1/2x 11 inches – open
1 month per page

This well planned calendar tracks daily successes and accidents, attitude, memorable experiences, training method, and more. Each month has colorful
potty related photos to spur your childs interest. Plus, there are 63 stickers to place on the calendar as they are accomplished. A potty traing reward chart is highly recommended by today’s pediatricians.

My Potty Calendar +63 Progress Stickers


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Customizable Potty Training Calendars

Sometimes as parents, potty training becomes frustrating for us as well as the child. We can wonder if we’re even making any progress.

A simple potty calendar hung in the bathroom can help. A prime time to begin training is prior to a bath. After you’ve undressed your child, ask your child to try and go potty. Explain how trying to go before a bath keeps the water clean.

“Mommy and Daddy go before we take our showers”

Use the calendar to note down the successes and accidents will reassure both parents and children that there will soon be a day without diapers or potty training pants.

Kids love when they see their face!

Try a customizable potty training calendar chart to monitor and track your progress.

customizable potty training calendar

Make every day special with a custom calendar.

Add your favorite photos, images, and text for each month of this single-page toilet training calendar.

Potty Training Calendar Features

personalized potty training calendar

  • High quality, full-color, full-bleed printing.


  • Choose from 13 unique styles for dates and holidays.
  • Optional start and end dates.
  • Wire-o binding in 7 different colors.
  • Available in two sizes – Standard and Small.
  • Personalization Ideas
    • Add your child’s name to each page