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One of the ideas expressed in The Kid's ROTH IRA Handbook is the self employed child.

The easiest way to avoid the child labor laws is for children to become self employed. Once parent's realize children can have income at any age, it is like the light going on in a dark room. Can your one year old be a model? Is your three year old drawing? Did your eight year old come up with the most adorable saying that made you laugh?

When you wish to go beyond the lemonade stands and mowing lawns, it is time to explore internet options.

One such option for a young mature child could be eBay. Children have been known to become self employed by learning the demand for certain products and scoping out garage sales or goodwill for products to sell on eBay with the hope of doubling their price paid.

The logistic challenges of this type of self employed child are:

  • driving to get the product
  • time to place the online ad
  • time to communicate if needed with the buyer
  • time to package the item
  • time to either drive to the post office or prepare it for mailing using online shipping labels
While some highly motivated children are doing this, it is quite a lot to expect of a self employed child and we haven't even begun to discuss balancing the books nor taxes!

Zazzle kids - Self employed child businesses eliminate all of the above!

Here's a solution for a child who has some sort of artistic talent and the motivation or desire to pursue this talent. The talent should be a passion for the child.

This will work for the self employed child who has passion for one of the following:

  • Photography
  • Computer design - abstract images
  • Drawing or Painting
  • Writers - those who can come up with cute sayings
If a child loves any of the ideas above, they can sign up for a FREE (on their own at age 13 or with parental supervision if under age 13) account at Zazzle and use their designs to create products including items like mugs, calendars, t-shirts, ties, note cards and more. A self employed child could not ask for a better start up opportunity. There is no start up cost other than the time you are willing to put in.

NOTE: No child should begin a self employment business without a copy of The Kid's ROTH IRA Handbook to explain the importance of not only saving at least part of one's income, but the importance of saving early in life.

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