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In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Stories for Children & Siblings

Reproductive Assistance: IVF, In Vitro Fertilization, Donor Insemination & Conception

When telling a child about IFV, You may be interested in:
Creating A Family How babies are made.
Adoption Story
Surrogacy Story
Egg Donor Story

While there are many good books about adoption and adoption is widely accepted in today's society, there are only a select few good books on reproductive assistance. We hope through an In Vitro Fertilization story, IVF will someday be as accepted as widely as adoption. Hopefully children will feel they belong and are not the "different" child at school or in other environments. We hope these books will be read by children in all types of families to show that everyone belongs in their family.
IVF Story for Children
Making Miraclse In Vitro Story How to Tell Your Child Study

In Virto Fertilization,
IVF Story:
- Making Miracles & IVF Telling a Child
$49.99*Out of Print Book*

IVF Story for Children
Making Miracles by Mal Leicester & IVF Telling a Child
24 pages & 18 pages; about 5x7 inches (both booklets)

Two books about In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Use the In Vitro Fertilization IVF story book to read with your child and the case study book to give you ideas about issues you could choose to address. Click for more information on these books Telling Children about IVF.

IVF Story Books for Children
Super Special Sisters
Super Special Sisters: A Story About the Miracle of In Vitro Fertilization
by Juliet Napier

In Virto Fertilization,
IVF Story:
- Super Special Sisters

32 pages

Super Special Sisters: A IVF story About the Medical Miracle of In Vitro Fertilization is designed to present factual information to a child in a reassuring manner. This story would prove very useful in explaining what could be a difficult topic. This IVF story will touch the hearts of all families who have suffered from infertility or secondary infertility.
Click for more information on this IVF Book.

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