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We have many 100% cotton hooded towels made from high quality thick cotton that you can machine wash and dry. When looking for a hooded towel, go with a company you can trust for quality. We have sold hooded towels on the internet since 1999 with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Click to see more details on each hooded towel design. We have both small and large hooded towels. Our larger size hooded toddler bath towel is made from an adult size towel so your child will have many years of use from your purchase. Once your child is walking you should choose a large hooded towel for the best value for your money. Since our large hooded towels can actually (and have actually) been used by adults, you can be sure the hooded towel will last a long time.

Handmade High Quality 100% cotton terrycloth hooded toddler bath towels!

Great as

  • bath towel
  • beach towel
  • pool towel
  • boat towel
  • baby shower gift
frog hooded towel

Our frog large hooded towel features big eyes and a nice red tongue for catching flies! More info:
Frog Towel

Frog Large Hooded Towel
alligator hooded towel

Our crocodile or alligator large hooded towel had really cool eyes and a really long mouth with teeth! More info: Hooded Toddler Bath Towel

Alligator Large Hooded Towel
ladybug hooded towel

A very popular hooded towel, our large ladybug hooded towel has red spots down the back, big eyes and antennas! More info: Ladybug Towel

Ladybug Large Hooded Towel
dinosaur towel

Say "ROAR" with our dinosaur large hooded towel with spikes down the back! More info: Dinosaur Towel

Dinosaur Large Hooded Towel
cow hooded towel

Almost everyone loves cows. Our cow large hooded towel comes with black spots down the back and a cool cow face! More info: Hooded Bath Towel

Cow Large Hooded Towel - Large
bunny hooded towel

Popular with little girls, our bunny large hooded towel has really long fun bunny ears! More info:
Kids Hooded Towel

Bunny Large Hooded Towel
shark hooded towel

Popular with the boys and occasionally an ocean loving girl, our shark large hooded towel comes with a big fin and really sharp teeth! More info: Shark Hooded Towel

Shark Large Hooded Towel
duck hooded towel

We had a life guard purchase this for fun at the pool with the kids around. Our Duck Large hooded towel comes with big eyes and an orange beak! More info:
Hooded Baby Towel

Duck Large Hooded Towel
bee terry hooded towel

Our bumble bee towel has also been used as a Halloween costume! The Bee Large hooded towel is so unique with stripes down the back, a stinger, antennas and big eyes! More info:
Terry Hooded Towel

Bumble Bee
Large Hooded Towel

butterfly hooded towel

Flap your wings in our Butterfly Large hooded towel! It comes with pocketed ends so children can flap around. Makes a wonderful unique gift. More info:
Butterfly Towel
Butterfly Hooded Toddler Bath Towel

Butterfly Large Hooded Towel
pink pig hooded towel

By request we created our pigs. This Pink Pig Large hooded towel comes with a big snout and a curly tail! More info:
Pig Towel

Pink Pig Large Hooded Towel
white pig hooded towel

Some asked for a white pig as in Charlottes Web and the result was this White Pig Large hooded towel, also with a big snout and a curly tail! More info:
Pig Towel

White Wilbur Like Pig Large Hooded Towel Please allow 3 days to ship
dragon hooded towel

Dragons make a great gift for the chidl who loves magic! Our Green Dragon Large hooded towel has yellow spikes down the back and a firey red nose! More info: Toddler Hooded Towel

Green Dragon Large Hooded Towel
dragon hooded towel

The dragon also comes in purple! The purple or lavendar like dragon large hooded towel has lilac spikes down the back and a firey red nose! More info: Toddler Hooded Towel

Lavender Dragon Large Hooded Towel
blue dragon hooded towel

Our blue dragon large hooded towel has white spikes down the back and a firey red nose! More info: Dragon Towel

Blue Dragon Large Hooded Towel

Large Hooded Towel - Matching Wash Mits

ladybug washcloth Bunny Washcloth Cow washcloth
Wash Cloths / Mitts

Washcloths / Wash Mitts


We receive high praise from customers about the thick quality of our hooded toddler bath towels. Everyone has been very impressed with the expertise and time taken when sewing of the seams. These are NOT the thin hooded towels you often see in stores.

Each hooded toddler bath towel is an orginal design from a work at home mom who began designing towels around 1999 and we have been selling them on the internet since then!

Hooded Toddler Bath Towel - Customer Comments:

Lasts for years! Aug, 2006
Reviewer from: Indianapolis, IN
I am now ordering the new dragon design. My children have used these since as young as age three and now as old as age 11~ thanks for a great product that lasts so many years!

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