Potty Training Girl

Potty Training Girls

Potty Training Help for Girls

My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls

One of the most popular methods of motivating children when potty training is to use a potty training sticker chart. Our potty training sticker
charts (for boys or for girls) come with 126 shiny high gloss potty training stickers designed to last until potty training is completed. This
method of using a potty training sticker chart has been effectively used to expedite the potty training process.

Potty Training Sticker Chart

My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls

MOM Designed / CHILD Approved!

My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls

126 Stickers and Chart to Motivate Toilet Training

My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls:

126 Girl Stickers and Chart to Motivate Toilet Training


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8 1/2x 11 inches, paperback / staple binding,

ISBN: 0-9708226-5-0

ISBN 10: 0-9708226-7-7 ISBN 13: 978-0-9708226-7-3

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Looking for potty training boys?

See the boy kit here

Motivate and reward your child using full color stickers. After successful potty attempts place a sticker on your
child’s shirt or use the chart provided.

  • Maintain Interest: All stickers have unique potty related images (no repetition – all stickers are different)
  • Do as others do: Images of real children for your child to imitate
  • Long Lasting Fun: 126 Stickers to use during the entire training period
  • Save time: Train faster and stop expensive diaper purchasing sooner!
  • Positive Reinforcement: Increase self-accomplishment and pride by rewarding performance

Customer Reviews of My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls
126 Stickers and Chart to Motivate Toilet Training

My daughter loves this, August 31, 2005
Reviewer: G. Kushner “scifi man” – See all my reviews

My daughter was having a hard time potty training until she knew she could get a girly sticker for each step of the
potty process. She has now peed at least once a night for a full week… My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls was certainly the best motivator
she had…feel’n’learn diapers were a waste of money…

Great idea, worked well!, June 12, 2005
Reviewer: J. S. Gibson (Texas)

The chart and the stickers were exactly what we needed to get us going. My daughter actually preferred to
wear the reward sticker, and we kept track by drawing smiley faces on the chart. My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls was a very positive motivation
for her. She was almost fully potty trained within about 10 days or so. I only have her wear a pullup at night ‘just
in case’.

THANK YOU!! Sep, 2001
Reviewer: from Westminster, CA
First time my 3 yr old daughter has been excited to use the potty!!

Great Motivator, Aug, 2001
Reviewer: from Somerset, PA
This book was a wondeful system for my child. The stickers included all relate to her
potty training challenge, this combined with the potty trainint sticker chart is a great motivator. I will order another
set for my next child when she is ready to potty train. Overall this and a
little patience is all a parent needs for a postive potty training experience.

Wonderful, Fantastic, July, 2001
Reviewer: A reader from Lakeville, MA

My three year old has never really given much interest in potty training the “what’s in it for me” attitude!
She’ll fight just to be changed and prefers to stay wet rather than stop what she’s doing. She loves stickers so
when I saw this I thought it was worth a try. Its basically stickers and a chart
with 9 spaces for stickers across
and 14 rows down. I taped the potty training sticker chart on the wall besides my daughter’s potty and told her that everytime she goes in
the potty, she gets a sticker. Then I upped the ante by telling her that everytime she reaches the end of the row she
gets a prize/present. Well within 3 days she already had her first present (something small like candy or a book is a
treat to them)! A couple of mornings she woke me up to sit on the potty because she only got stickers if she actually did
something so she didn’t want to waste it!! Here it is only 10 days later and she has one more sticker before she gets her
third prize–that’s about 3 trips a day! I never pressure her, I just ask her if she wants
to, if she says no, I drop it but now she’s asking me! I know this book (and the small prizes) is the reason for her
sudden excitement in using the potty. She keeps saying she wants to get a sticker so that she can get her prize…

Great motivation for your toddler to use the potty!, July, 2001
Reviewer: from South Bend, IN
Although my 2 1/2 year old daughter has never actually used the potty for anything other than a reading chair,
she is very aware of what it is for. I have been at wit’s end trying to find reasons for her to try to use her stool
(other than the obvious) and didn’t want to bend to the whole bribery thing for fear it would get out-of-control. Enter
the potty trainint sticker chart rewards book which is actually a booklet with 14 columns of 9 spaces to put a sticker
every time your child has a potty accomplishment. Since my daughter isn’t really interested in ditching diapers yet, I
haven’t pressured her, but at least now she is telling me when she has dirtied herself and is willing to try to use it
for it’s intended purpose. She is thrilled to put a sticker on the page everytime she sits on her potty, and I have told
her that she will win a prize for every row she completes on the potty training sticker chart after having actually gone to the bathroom. I think she’s
starting to get the idea!

Potty Training Sticker Chart – A Great Motivational Tool, July, 2001

Reviewer: from Salt Point, NY

We have been trying to get my daughter potty trained since she was two years old. We started because she showed
interest in the potty, but she has not been consistant. We purchased many “potty books” so we could reinforce the
importance of using the potty, and to give her something to do while she was sitting on the potty. However, our approach
was lacking the motivation to keep her consistantly trying to use the potty on a regular basis. My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls
book provides that motivation. It is a book of 126 stickers with a fun chart which maps out my daughter’s progress. She loves the variety of
fun stickers, which are definately original and found no where else but this book. We just got this potty training sticker chart book,
and I hope that in two months, at age three, she will be on her way to “big girl undies.”

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More Help for Potty Training Girls

Potty trainig girls seems to be a little easier than boys, but if your child is nervous or stubborn, it can still be a challenge.

Here are some of our favorite items for making potty training fun for girls. Buy My Potty Reward Stickers for Girls

My Potty Activity Book
My Potty Activity Book
+45 Toilet Training Tips

Kids love to color at this age anyway, so why not have them color something that will remind them to think about going potty? Try this activity book
to make potty training a little more fun. Also included are 45 quick tips for parents. After all when you are busy potty training, you don’t have time for a lengthy “how to” book.


Potty Training Girl Kit

Potty Training Girls Kit

Save a little by combining your purchase of both books. Choose our potty training girl kit. The same models used for
some of the stickers are used through out the potty training activity book which will delight your little girl when she recognizes them!


My Potty Fun Stickers Pack

My Potty Fun
Stickers Pack

On a tight budget? Try just a sheet of stickers alone and use them as potty training rewards by placing them on your little girl’s shirt or the back of her hand
after she has gone potty.

musical potty

Musical Potty

If you have not purchased your potty. Create some excitement for your little girl by using this musical potty to teach cause and effect.

The musical potty plays when your child is successful!

Potty Training Doll

Potty Training

While you can use a stuffed animal, there is nothing like using a little girl doll that your own little girl will relate to. We have chosed two
types of dolls for potty training girls that are currently the best in the market.

The Potty Book for Girls

The Potty Book
for Girls

Have a special book that is only read while sitting
on the potty.
This one works well.


My Potty Book for Girls

My Potty Book
for Girls

This book has very cute drawings.

We like the way there is an animal throughout
making it a very friendly book.

does a pig flush
Does a pig flush?

This book has very cute drawings of all sorts of animals.

Each animal is asked if they flush and responds with their answer.

It then moves into very adorable drawings of humans, using the potty. We highly recommend this book!


truth about poop
The Truth About Poop.

This book has alot of writing text in it for a toddler but as your child learns more, I am sure it will be great fun for little boys and girls to