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Securing Tax Free Wealth from a Child’s First Paycheck:

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The Kid’s Roth IRA Handbook: $17.99

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With the economy changes occurring in the Fall of 2008, allowances are being cut and more and more children are looking for employment. On December 15, 2008,
Lisa W. Foderaro covered the issue in her New York Times article concerning Teenagers Feel the Crunch
which shows how kids across the nation are having to adjust to new economical situations.

Lost opportunity can be both financially and emotionally painful. Lost means gone! You can never get it back again. Every year you wait to
start a Roth IRA for kids, you lose another opportunity for tax-free compounded earnings and you can never get that opportunity back. Let’s show kids
how to maximize the opportunity for tax free compounding interest by teaching them to open a Roth IRA.

The Kid’s ROTH IRA Handbook is a starting point to become educated on how to start a Roth IRA for kids from the very first paycheck.
It instills the sense of urgency that once kids have a job, the next immediate step is to begin a Roth IRA for kids, even if it is only a small contrbution.

This book includes a quick reference guide to applicable IRS Publications to stay informed on current rules as well as a recommended reading
list of financial books for kids.

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