Bumble Bee Hooded Towel

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Bumble Bee Hooded Towel

Handmade High Quality bumble bee 100% cotton hooded towels! (We also have an assortment of terry hooded towel animals for kids at the bottom of the page!)

Our terry hooded towel animals make great gifts! Children will love to buzz buzzz buzzz around in their honey bee terry hooded towel flapping the sides for all to see.

Do you ever play the buzzing tickling game with your child?

Pretend your finder is the honey bee and buzz buzz buzzzzzzzz with the last swirl in the air brining your finger in for a great tickle!

Our bee terry hooded towel is just one of our many towel designs that entice children to bring their favorite animal to life.
Bumble Bee Hooded Towel

Handmade High Quality 100% cotton terry hooded towel!

Hooded Bumble Bee Towels are great as a

  • bath towel
  • beach towel
  • pool towel
  • boat towel
  • baby shower gift

Cotton Hooded Towels – Large Bumble Bee

27″ x 52″

This size bumble bee towel is recommended for toddlers (walking children) and older.
However, the towel itself is an adult size bath towel, so there is plenty of towel to dry off on.
We have had life guards purchase them for fun to use at the beach or pool!

Large Bumble Bee Terry Hooded Animal Towel

Large Bumble Bee Terry Hooded Animal Towel

Terry hooded towel used for Halloween costumes!

Ladybug Hooded Towel

Or – Choose a different Hooded Towel

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