Duck Hooded Towel

Hooded Towel for Bath, Beach, or Pool

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Handmade High Quality 100% cotton terrycloth baby hooded towel animals!

Our yellow duck hooded towel comes with big wide eyes to bring giggles to your child. After bath time, “Quack, quack” will be heard from beneath the beak as your child snuggles into our warm terry cloth baby hooded towel and ventures into the land of pretend.
duck baby hooded towel
duck baby hooded towel

Our Duck Baby Hooded Towel is great for

  • the bath
  • the beach
  • the pool
  • the boat
  • baby shower gift

Large Duck Towel:

Large 27″ x 52″

This size duck hooded towel is recommended for toddlers (walking children) and kids up to 10 years old.
The towel itself is an adult size bath towel, so there is plenty of towel to dry off on.
We have had life guards purchase them for fun to use at the beach or pool!

Large Duck Hooded Towel $44.99

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