Frog Hooded Towel

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Handmade High Quality 100% Cotton – terrycloth hooded frog bath towel! Our energetic frog bath towel is designed with huge eyes and a bright red tounge. Our hooded frog towel always brings smiles to the pool or beach and a quick, “Where did you get that?” or “So adorable!”.

This frog towel works great as a Frog Towel
Frog Towel

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  • beach towel
  • pool towel
  • boat towel
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Large Hooded Towels

We have many 100% cotton hooded towels made from high quality thick cotton that you can machine wash and dry. When looking for a hooded towel, go with a company you can trust for quality. We have sold hooded towels on the internet since 1999 with outstanding customer satisfaction.

Click to see more details on each hooded towel design. We have both small and large hooded towels. Our larger size hooded toddler bath towel is made from an adult size towel so your child will have many years of use from your purchase. Once your child is walking you should choose a large hooded towel for the best value for your money. Since our large hooded towels can actually (and have actually) been used by adults, you can be sure the hooded towel will last a long time.

Large Hooded Frog Towel:

Large 27″ x 52″

This size frog towel is recommended for toddlers (walking children) and kids up to 10 years old.
However, the towel itself is an adult size bath towel, so there is plenty of towel to dry off on.
We have had life guards purchase them for fun to use at the beach or pool!

Surprisingly, teens are often fond of having a fun frog towel to show off to their friends.

Large Hooded Frog Towel $44.99

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