Tooth Fairy Boxes

Tooth Fairy Boxes: Tooth Shape

Tooth Fairy
Tooth Fairy Boxes: 1 Tooth Box

Tooth Boxes measures about 1.75 by 1.5 inches each

Gift hole measures 7/8 of an inch

$9.99 for 1 tooth fairy box

Wooden Tooth Fairy Boxes

Tooth Fairy box in the shape of a Tooth! Small hole inside our tooth fairy boxes holds a tooth and then up to three bills folded into a 1/2 inch square.

Great gift for a child about to lose their first tooth.
Great gift for dentist or someone in the dentistry field. Put something fun inside!

Tooth Fairy Boxes - Tooth Shape - Customer Comments

So very cute!
Customer from San Antonio, TX
I have three of these tooth fairy boxes and my kids just love them. They keep each tooth fairy box in their dresser drawer and get so excited to use it under their pillow. Plus it makes it easier for the tooth fairy to find the tooth in the dark room at night!

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