Potty Training Party Supplies

Potty Party Kit

Choose your kit for boys or girls:

Make potty training a little more fun using this complete Potty Party Kit!
Included in the supply pack is:

• My Potty Activity Book
• My Potty Reward Stickers
• 8 Diecut Diaper Invitations in multi-colors with envelopes
• 8 Diecut Diaper Thank You Notes in multi-colors with envelopes

Use this no-pressure, non-intensive potty training approach to make toilet training a fun experience. Begin gaining your child’s interest by using the activity book and coloring pages together. Next, introduce the reward chart with a sticker achieved for each goal you set. When your child is progressing along well, introduce the Potty Party Diaper Invitations as a final motivation boost. After your celebration, there is no “party-let-down” because you get to send out the fun colorful Diaper Thank You Notes to all who attended! Click below purchase now.

Buy the Boy Potty Party Kit

Buy the Boy Potty Party Kit

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