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One probably doesn’t need a huge library on the World Trade Center so the trick is how to choose from the wealth of
books out there. The challenge is even harder as stores have already picked their choices thus reducing both our selection
and our knowledge of alternative choices.

We hope to introduce books you haven’t seen and increase awareness prior to purchase:
What is your purpose in buying a WTC book?

  • To know: – about the building/architecture – about the day – about the terroists and their ideas?
  • A detailed book on one of the above with opinions?
  • A coffe table hardback of images to remember and pass on to generations?
  • A simple book to show the significance?
  • Many pages or just a few?

American Pride – New York World Trade Center

Reasons for War against terrorism
Larger View

How America
Changed the World

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Limited copies available


How America Changed the World

If you wanted one magazine to save to explain to your children or
others why we entered the War Against Terrorism, this is it.
The magazine text and images track terrorism over the last 20 years and then proceeds through the War on Afghanistan and War on Iraq. It also includes a list of “Fallen Heros” as of June 2003.

Some of the history includes:

  • Bombing of American Embassy in Beirut, Lebanon April 1983
  • Pan Am Flight Explosion over Lockerbie, Scotland, December 1988
  • Bombing of US Embassy in Kuwait City February 1993
  • Bombing of Kobar Towers in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia June 1996
  • Bombing of Nairobi, Kenya August 1998
  • Bombing of USS Cole in Aden, Yemen October 2000
  • World Trade Center, Washington and Pensylvania September 2001

Day of Terror Sep 11th World Trade Center - Pentagon

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Day of Terror, September 11, 2001
World Trade Center – The Pentagon

by Barbara Shangle

We found this stored in a Fire Fighter section – far away from the stack of World Trade Center books.
The book has staple binding with a magazine feel but heavyweight cover and glossy inside pages. Each page is a photograph with a small paragraph below. What struck us about this book
was it seemed to have everything in it yet only has 48 pages. By “EVERYTHING” we mean a photos that tell a historical story.
If you wanted one simple small book to store for yourself or a child to remind them of the significance of September 11th. This would be it.

September 11, 2001
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September 11th, 2001
A collection of Newspaper Front Pages

by The Poynter Institute

As the title suggests, this book has a collection of newspapers (dated Sep. 12th) not from just the USA but throughout the world.
They are so clear that you can read the text. Some may have saved video tapes of the week of September 11th and for those who do not,
we found this book hit home bringing memories of how the news throughout the worls was non-stop hour after hour.
This book will send a clear message to future generations showing how everything else ceased during that first week and all eyes were turned on New York.

Sometime Lofty Towers
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Sometime Lofty Towers:
A Photographic Memorial Of the World Trade Center

by Jake Rajs (photographer)

A book on the towers themselves with photographs to remember how grand they were. The few text pages in the front give details on
location, structure and ideas for why the towers stood so long and why they finally fell.
You have very few images from the day of September 11th. One 9/11 photo included is an arial view looking downward upon
Ground Zero (extremely helpful in providing an understanding/map of the area).
You will find some hard to find photos such as a view (2 pages) of lower manhattan with the towers standing
looking north so you can see both East and West sides. Also (not in many books) are a few indoor shots of the waiting
area to go to the top and close up views of the outside architecture. Great book to answer: Exactly where was it and what was it like.

The World Trade Center: A Landmark to Remember
ISBN: 1-59027-054-1
Popular Publishing Co.
We have been unable to find this book originally
picked up at Walmart.
($4.99 cover price)
The World Trade Center:
A Landmark to Remember

Text by Tricia Boczkowski

This is one of the books we found to contain an actual photo of
artchitect, Minoru Yamasaki shown with a scale model for his buildings.
Paperback, 48 pages of mostly photos of the World Trade and few of 9/11. Some unique ones include the construction of
the towers, the famous tight-rope walk between the towers, photos of the inside, the antenna on the North tower,
arial views helping understand lower manhattan layout and the outside structural arches. This book has factual historical text added as opposed to Sometime Lofy Towers’ dedication to photos alone (above).