George Bush Christmas Ornament 2009

Funny Anti George Bush Jan 20, 2009 Product

Boot Bush Christmas Ornament

Political Christmas Ornaments

funny anti bush joke ornament

Boot Bush Politcal Humor Gift
George W. Bush Jan 20, 2009
Christmas Tree Ornament


Gift Box Included.

Gift Box

american flag
Bush Countdown…

End of the Bush Era

Countdown to Jan 20, 2009, the new non-bush era with this funny anti bush joke ornament!

Maybe you are part of the George W Bush countdown group?

Or maybe you are a Bush fan and need a gift for your friend who won’t stop telling you he can’t wait until Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009?

In more ways than one, this can be the perfect unusual Christmas gift!

Have fun with this unusual unique Geroge W Bush political humor ornament!

Funny Anti Bush Joke Countdown Ornament

Side 1 includes:

  • Texas Boot – to boot ’em out of office
  • George W Bush Image
  • Rearing Political Democrat Donkey
  • “Adios” Jan 20, 2009 – Bush’s last day in office

Funny Anti Bush Joke Countdown Ornament

Side 2 includes:

  • Presidential Seal
  • American Flag
  • Question Mark
  • “The New Term Begins, 20 Jan 2009 – Bush’s last day in office

Sample hand-made ornament: Bead colors, string and exact positions of images may vary slightly.
funny anti bush joke ornament

funny anti bush joke ornament

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