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Political Gifts Campaign 2004
Swing State Presidential Election Ornament 2004


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Political Gifts Campaign 2004

The Swing States or Battleground States also referred to as the Purple States (because mixing red and blue makes purple) are those states which can "swing" either way to tip the final election toward Republicans or Democrats.

Our gift ornament this year, recoginizes the "swing state" by showing John Kerry and George W. Bush tossing the Presidential seal in the air awaiting the final presidentail election outcome.
In addition: the traditional Democrat Donkey swings in the left swing VS the Republican Elephant joyfully swinging on the right!

Ultimately, it comes down to you -- to "Get out and Vote"!

The Swing State Presidential Election 2004 Ornament includes:

Side 1 of Bush gift ornament:
(George W. Bush and John Kerry have a blanket toss with the presidential seal.)

  • George W. Bush and John Kerry "2004 Toss-up" Banner
  • Presidential Seal being tossed in the air
Side 2 of Bush gift ornament
  • Red "Swing States Count" Banner
  • Swings with Democrat Donkey and Republican Elephant
  • Blue "Get Out and Vote" Banner

We show 2 bush gift ornaments below so you can see different views.
**String color, bead color and exact positions of images may vary** john kerry ornament george bush ornament

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