Potty Training Reward Chart with Stickers

126 Potty Training Sticker Chart with Activity Book


If you are looking for a potty training chart to make potty training fun and motivating for your child, consider our two book kit. The activity book has tons of tips to help you find something distinct to your child’s personality. The tips were collected from moms who were asked, “What worked best for you?”.

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How to Do Potty Training Activities and Use Reward Chart Stickers

When using these potty training books together, we suggest starting with the activity book. Read through the tips which contain many suggestions on what has worked for different toddlers. Try to choose some ideas that would go well with your toddler’s personality.

Begin using the activity book without even telling your child about the sticker book. Use the activity book as something fun to do together and introduce potty training in a non-threatening manner. Post the colored pages on your refrigerator or in the bathroom to make your child feel proud.

Once you feel your child has a general idea about what a potty is used for, introduce the sticker potty training book. Show your child the sticker book as a fun thing the two of you will do together! The sticker book middle page is the potty training chart. The potty training chart hangs like a calendar but is light weight so you can even hang it with a little tape in your bathroom. The potty training chart has 14 rows of 9 circles to place the stickers. Set goals for your child and place a sticker on the potty training chart. Be sure to start with small goals. Then as you complete each row of the potty training chart, reward your child with a sticker and tell your child, “We have a new row and a new goal! Hooray!”

Be strict with this book. Stick to the goal you set for each row. For the first row, your child might get a sticker for sitting on the potty with their clothes on. The second row might be rewarded just for sitting bare bottom. The third row might be to sit while mommy reads a book (encouraging
your child to sit longer, relax and hopefully produce something into the potty).

As you move through the sticker rows, try these goals:

      • trying to go every time mommy asks,
      • initiating going by yourself,
      • wiping
      • washing hands

It is very important to make sure your child is ready for the next goal. Go at your child’s pace. Just like in school, we usually don’t move from a grade of C to an A. Most of us go, “C”, “C+” to “B-” to “B” and so on.

Be sure to make a big cheer for each accomplishment!

How the Author Created Potty Reward Stickers

Tracy Foote is a mother of three young children. After roughly 11,000 diaper changes, she wanted something to expedite and ease the pressures of potty training (on both parent and child) while adding a little fun and humor.