Potty Training Stickers

Potty Training Stickers

63 Potty Training Reward Stickers

potty training stickers sheet

Many pediatricians today recommend using incentive potty training reward stickers to motivate children to potty train.
These stickers were designed while a 2 year old child was potty training, so we had immediate feedback on what was “fun” and we
also learned how sticker images of real children were effective when potty training.

MOM Designed / CHILD Approved !

63 Fun Potty Training Stickers

Introduce and stimulate interest in potty training. One 8 1/2×11 inch sheet of 63 potty stickers will last
a long time. Each sticker is a 1 inch circle of a colorful potty related subject. Use them as reward
stickers or if you keep a scrapbooking book, you can use them there too!

63 Fun Potty Training Stickers

8 1/2x 11 inch sheet,


Potty Training Reward Stickers

The reason all these stickers focus on the bathroom area is to
aid in keeping the potty on the mind of your child. You could put a star on a chart but why not put a towel sticker and talk a little about why we wash hands?

Many of the stickers have phrases to help parents with discussion ideas. But remember, most
toddlers are not reading yet, so you can ignore what is written if you like, and go with your own idea. Usually the children are inquisitive though, and will ask, “What does this one say?” so if that happens, seize the moment to re-enforce the potty idea. Talk about why we learn to use it, the desire to have nice clean clothing, etc. Have fun!



The following comments are excerpts from customer reviews on our potty training reward stickers. See what they say about the potty training stickers from TracyTrends!

No more accidents!!! September 2005, Reviewer: G. GirthofferMy son was a difficult trainee- as soon as he started receiving the stickers as a reward, he stopped having accidents!!

Fantastic Potty Training Tool!, January 16, 2004, Reviewer: “us3stampers” – Virginia Beach, VA… I had tried everything imaginable, with NO success. My son loved the stickers and actually got excited about potty time! Thanks Tracy!

Showing some interest 🙂, November 27, 2003, Reviewer: Aubrey Middleton, Brighton, Co
My son was so excited when this book arrived! He has gone from showing NO INTEREST in the potty, to getting exciting over it! He can’t wait to “potty” so he can choose a sticker!

Reviewer: Customer, February 2002
My son loves these stickers, especially the ones with pictures of other potty training boys sitting on the potty!! Our mimicing of the boys in the stickers on there potties has gone really well today! And we’ve pee’d on our potty twice today!!