Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas Ornament

California Governor Recall Election
Candidate 2003 Ornament

Another Egg for Arnold Schwarzenegger

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California Recall Election 2003  

custom writing services academic Another Egg for Arnold
Schwarzenegger / Davis
2003 Recall Election
Christmas Ornament $19.90

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get link Give California Back It’s Future After Arnold Schwarzenegger was on the news with an egg from an opposing fan, it was time to counter with a
different kind of egg! The how to write a career essay “Another Egg for Arnold” California 2003 Recall Election handmade hollow egg ornament includes: Side 1

  • Words “Schwarzenegger for Governor 2003”
  • Image of Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Campaign Slogan “Give California Back It’s Future”
  • State of California and Republican Elephant Symbol Side 2

  • Image of past Governor Gray Davis
  • Bucking Democrat Donkey Symbol (time to “unseat” Davis)
  • Words “Terminating Gray Davis”

    (Need to Terminate? Call Arnold!)

We show 2 Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger ornaments below so you can see different views.

**String color, bead color and exact positions of images may vary**
Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
California Recall Election 2003

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